Vibrational Essences

Natural alchemy supported by plants

I started my exploration into essences while working as a Saturday boy in a health food shop called Foods of The Earth. I sold Bach Flower remedies and homeopathy as well as other health foods and supplements. I liked the alternative world, it felt good.

About Vibrational Essences

Vibrational essences are liquid solutions made of the energetic imprint of flowers, plants, trees, crystals, and other natural sources. They are most often taken orally and have a therapeutic effect on our personalities – supporting, strengthening, and empowering us, so we are able to function at our optimum level. They awaken, resolve, and transform our emotional and mental attitudes or inner disharmony, enhancing our wellbeing on many levels.

Using vibrational essences is a growing and transformational modality that offers huge potential to support us in our modern world. Essences are safe for children, animals, the unwell, and the elderly, and are very versatile to use.

Choosing Vibrational Essences

During a Soul Evolution session with Elixir and Spray, we will work with Vibrational essences. Together we are looking to find the right blends of essences to quieten your mind and emotions, integrating the parts of your psyche that have been disassociated or pushed away in your past. This is to support you on your return to your true state of wholeness, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This is achieved by selecting a blend of essences that resonate the most with your true feelings and thoughts that are troubling you. Often these feelings are uncomfortable but keep resurfacing, after perhaps being pushed away. I choose the essences mostly through my dowsing, looking for the highest frequency that will support my clients. I select up-to one from each of the 9 sets.

When the mind is free of the constrictions of past conditioning, this means the essence has supported your human system to integrate and reach equanimity within the psyche. The aim is to return the energy system back to its true nature of stillness and wholeness. This is true natural alchemy, being supported by flowers, plants, trees, crystals, and other natural sources.

Counter States

Each remedy has two states. I call this a counter state. The first state is the blocked state where the mind or body experiences a repeated thought or physical symptom, like a broken record trying to free itself. The second stage is the potential freeing or surrender crossroads, which is the effect the essence will have on your psyche and your whole system once the correct remedy is chosen. Your mind and body can then let go of the suffering, leading to quietening and eventually ceasing of the disturbance in the mind, body and emotions.


The 100 Essences I draw on to support you are from the following ranges:

Chalice Well Essences, Glastonbury: The 4 Chalice Well Ranges

1. The Original Nine

  • Blend of Roses: Grace
  • Oak: Strength
  • Solomon Seal: Balance
  • Pacem: Peace
  • Beech: Blessings
  • Purple Allium: Activation
  • Essene: Communion
  • Star of Bethlehem: New Beginnings
  • Pan: Playfulness

2. The Garden Set

  • Cherry Blossom: Cleansing
  • Apple Blossom: Nourishment
  • Star of Magnolia: Connection
  • Foxglove: Alignment
  • Trinity of Holy Thorn: Transformation
  • Snowdrop: Self-revelation
  • Yew: Wisdom
  • Golden Rose: Joy
  • Heart of The Well: Unity

3. The Wheel of Life

  • Birth: New life and projects
  • Growth: Momentum
  • Thrive: Unleashing your power
  • Zenith: Putting fire into your life
  • Fulfilment: Satisfaction from what you have already given in this life
  • Harvest: Reaping and restoring balance
  • Release: Getting your house in order
  • Inspire: Stillness, dreaming in the new life you want

4. Heaven on Earth

  • Love: Loving the unlovable within yourself
  • Power: Purpose in taking right action
  • Light: Clarity anchored in the light

There are certain geographical spots or centres where the veil is thinner than elsewhere. These places are considered to be spiritual and healing oases, through which light can pass down into our human atmosphere more easily. Such spots are nearly always situated near a spring, well or fresh running water. Chalice Well is one such centre.

Wellesley Tudor Pole, Founder of The Chalice Well Trust


5. The Individual Set

  • Awakening: On my final training we created an essence as a group. I was asked by the tutor to name it. I named it Awakening. It does what it says, and helps people to awaken to their life's purpose.
  • Rose Water: For love, purification of the Soul, unconditional acceptance of the self, grace, joy, compassion. I picked the Rose petals from the Chalice Well gardens and made this blend myself.
  • Mending Heart: Baileys Flower Essences, for those recovering from a broken heart in romantic love or grieving in times of loss of a loved one.


6. Wild Medicine Essences

Sophie Knock, an experienced Homeopath and Advanced Vibrational Essence Therapist and tutor of the Chalice Well Essences Training, has created her own ranges of essences. I use three essences from her range which are important for reclaiming back sovereignty, and supporting you to take back your personal power. All of Sophie's essences are made with Chalice Well waters, which have deep healing qualities.

The Essences I use are:

  • Hawthorn: Includes Wild Hawthorn and Holy Thorn. Tonic for the heart.
  • Men's Allies: Including Aconite, Cedar, Dandelion, King Oak, Mistletoe and Nettle, this is to honour the inner masculine for men or woman.
  • Women's Allies: Including Apple Blossom, Blueberry, Bramble Blossom, Jasmine, Lotus, Rose and Wild Rose. Honouring the inner Feminine, for men and women.


7. Wildheart Animal Essences

Casey Jon, one of my mentors and tutors, created this range of Vibrational Animal Essences. I use 20 in total. They have a clear intention of aligning with the spirit of the animal, creating an environment for wholeness. All of Casey's essences are made with the Chalice Well White and Red spring waters.

The Essences and Basic Meanings

  • Raven: Raven assists with understanding your life story and personal truth
  • Badger: Walking your talk and being grounded. Insight for healing
  • Swan: Recognising inner beauty and grace. Compassion, transformation
  • Snake: Shedding skins. Rebirth, courage and wisdom to transform
  • Bear: Protector of families. Ancestors, inner strength and stillness
  • Horse: Belief in your own personal power. Control, directness, confidence
  • Deer: Gentle nourishment of the heart. Trust. Letting go of fear of fear
  • Fox: Clarity, mental agility, thinking outside the box. Playfulness and laughter
  • Butterfly: Alchemist. Transformation, change. Sweetness and delight
  • Owl: Inner wisdom. Shining a light in the dark revealing the unseen
  • Wolf: Pathfinder. Finding your place in the world. Trusting in oneself
  • Hare: Dancing your own dance. Inner wildness. Innate nature
  • Woodpecker: New beginnings. Life-changing situations. Trusting the process
  • Wren: Finding your voice. Self-belief. Courage. Warrior energy
  • Bat: Times of difficulty. Supporting safe passage through the darkness
  • Bee: Brings the sweetness of nectar into life. Sparkle. Manifestation
  • Eagle: Connection to spirit. Overseeing the bigger picture. Warrior
  • Wild Cat: Self-reliance, independence, standing in your integrity. Boldness
  • Dolphin: Riding the waves of life. Playfulness, fun, calming support. Faith
  • Whale: Depths of the ocean. Deeper knowing, retrieving dreams


8. Bach Flower Remedies

The Godfather of the essence world is Dr Edward Bach, founder of the Bach Flower Remedies. Between 1930 and 1934 he created the 38 remedies still used today, which focus on supporting and reducing negative impacts on the mental condition. He believed that following one's true vocation is essential to spiritual and physical health. He also believed in the importance of treating the cause of the illness. I use all 38 remedies, and the two rescue remedies.

Page 7, The 38 Flower Remedies, 1999, Wigmore

The 38 Remedies Bring Support For The Following:

  1. Agrimony: Hiding behind a cheerful face
  2. Aspen: Fears of unknown origin
  3. Beech: Intolerance of others
  4. Cenaury: Easily led
  5. Cerato: Not trusting own judgment
  6. Cherry Plumb: Mental and emotional breakdowns
  7. Chestnut Bud: Not learning from the past
  8. Chicory: Possessive and manipulative
  9. Clematis: Dreamer, lacks presence
  10. Crab Apple: Cleansing, emotional and physical
  11. Elm: Overwhelm and loss of confidence
  12. Gentian: Long term suffering
  13. Gorse: Despair
  14. Heather: Self -preoccupation
  15. Holly: Jealousy
  16. Honey Suckle: Dwelling on the past
  17. Hornbeam: Procrastination
  18. Impatiens: Impatiens
  19. Larch: Avoiding failure
  20. Mimulus: Fear of known things
  21. Mustard: Sudden onset of gloom
  22. Oak: Fatigue, overly dutiful
  23. Olive: Exhaustion
  24. Pine: Guilt and shame
  25. Red Chestnut: Over concern for others
  26. Rock Rose: Terror, frozen, helplessness
  27. Rock Water: Inflexible and driven
  28. Scleranthus: Indecision, two choices
  29. Star of Bethlehem: After effects of shock, grief
  30. Sweet Chestnut: Intense sorrow, extreme mental illness
  31. Vervain: Over enthusiasm
  32. Vine: Dominating behaviour
  33. Walnut: Over sensitive
  34. Water Violet: Proud and aloof
  35. White Chestnut: Obsessive thoughts
  36. Wild Oats: Uncertainty, lack of direction
  37. Wild Rose: Resignation, lack of ambition
  38. Willow: Self-pity, resentment, bitterness

Rescue Remedy: Trauma, grief, shock

Rescue Remedy Night-time: Sleep issues and letting go at night


9. Aura Soma-Quintessence and Pomanders

​Aura-Soma Quintessence: these facilitate the flow of positive energy around the body and the aura, enabling empowerment and greater access to who you truly are. 

The six used:

  • Original White: Pomander. Protection against electromagnetic stress
  • Lady Nada: Quintessence. Unconditional love, kindness, self-acceptance
  • Olive Green: Pomander.  Bridge from the solar plexus to the heart. Intuitive leadership from the heart
  • St. Germain: Quintessence. Alchemical transformation
  • Red: Pomander. Energy and enthusiasm back into your life
  • The Christ: Quintessence. Changing habits of suffering

How they are used

This range works on the auric field, so is not put physically into the Elixir. The frequency will be downloaded with a pendulum into the bottle. You will get the chance to use the one you choose in the session (if in person) to clear your auric field, the energy space around your body. The smells of the Pomanders and Quintessences are very subtle, yet powerful.


Healing Spray with Essential Oils

As part of the session, you will receive an aura cleansing healing spray, which includes:

  • 9 drops from your Elixir
  • Vodka 25% of the spray
  • Purified water or spring water - 75% of the spray
  • 3 drops of each premium grade oils from Neal's Yard, London

The oils used:

Frankincense: For protection

Lavender: For purification

Y'lang Y'lang: For integration of the masculine and feminine energies


British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association 

Click here to find out more about the BFVEA, the organisation that governs my work.

You can find me on the list of Advanced Vibrational Essence Therapists here.