Soul Evolution

"The truth gets spoken when another is fully present to hear us"


"I work as an Alchemist, turning what's not serving you to produce gold in the form of emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual wholeness. Courage comes from within to seek a better version of ourselves. Often it requires someone to listen to us with an open heart for the truth to flow."

NBK Soul Evolution 


What happens in a Soul Evolution Session?

A co-creative alchemical session. The process combines; therapy, coaching, mentoring, dowsing with a pendulum to clear blockages, affirmations, mantra and meditations specific to your needs, vibration healing and essences blended in a bottle for you to take which will be your Elixir.  The session concludes with and is summarised by drawing from Shamanic wisdom cards.



"The aim of what we co-create together is for a supportive alchemical process to occur. This will result in changes in your life that are holistic and in line with your Soul's highest purpose.  The session, the Elixir and the Healing Spray you receive will support you returning to wholeness over the weeks/months that follow."

Soul Evolution, NBK


13 Stages of a Soul Evolution Session with Elixir & Spray

  1. Firstly we will discuss what you would like more of in your life, what's blocked, what needs releasing and what needs ongoing support.
  2. I will use therapeutic, mentoring and life skills to find out what's going on and how I can best support you.
  3. We will look at what affirmations, mantra's and embodiment practices can support you.
  4. Throughout the session we will co-create a bottle which is called your Elixir. The vibration in the Elixir is a collection of vibrational healing energies coming together as one. This is added to your Healing Spray at the end of the session.
  5. I select between 7 - 13 Essences from ranges discussed on the page, "Vibrational Essences."  There are 100 Essences I work with in total.
  6. I download energy frequencies into the bottle, for example, "Courage to change"  "Self acceptance" or "Colours" through pendulum dowsing.
  7. I download the appropriate "Power Codes" for your personal use for protection in your bottle.
  8. I download "Healing Patterns" directly into your Elixir which will be supportive incrementally over time.
  9. I will dowse using charts to find out what's going on on the unseen level. I use this process to "Clear Blocks" in the unconscious. Examples of these are, "Hate of self, low self esteem, blocks to men/woman or blocks to abundance."  There are ninety potential blocks that can be cleared. Sometimes this needs to be done several times over the course of a week. This would mean continuing working with me through On Going Support or Distant Healing if required. (I won't know this until I start working with you).
  10. I work with a deck of cards, the "Shaman Wisdom Cards" to give clear insight upon completing the session.  The cards are very clear and have potent messages. The frequency of the card/s you pull will also be downloaded into your 'Elixir & Spray' through dowsing with my pendulum.
  11. I download healing from the Ascended Masters and Archangels directly into your Elixir.
  12. Upon completion of your session I will say a prayer specific for your journey, supporting you're evolution as a human with your souls highest purpose in mind based on the whole session. I ask directly through prayer at the end of the session for you to receive the appropriate support to evolve in you're life. This prayer also goes into you're Elixir.
  13. The two bottles are sealed energetically upon completion. This process pulls all the separate energy frequencies together resulting in "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."  I then dowse to see the frequency that you will use the Elixir per day, and how many drops each time you take under your tongue.


What you will go away with after our session is finished

  • A bottle specific to your individual needs of Soul Evolution Elixir for you to take daily until its finished, this includes 30% Brandy, 70% purified water & the Essences which include the same ratios. *
  • A healing spray which includes the Elixir blend, used for energy clearing of your chakras (The 3 bodies; Etheric body/physical body, the Astral body/emotional body and the Causal body/mental body) to support your return to wholeness. The spray also includes; 50% Vodka, 50% purified water & Organic Essential oils from Neal's Yard, London. The main blends I use are; Frankincense for protection, Lavender for purification & Y'lang Y'lang for integration & balancing of the masculine & feminine energies. The spray is used when you intuitively feel you require it. *
  • A picture of the shaman wisdom cards and its explanation.
  • Sometimes I give out patterns to work with over the coming weeks or months. The patterns support the return to wholeness. The patterns I use are directly given by spirit.
  • A recording of our session if you wish to record the session on your phone. Make sure your phone is on aeroplane mode as a call stops the recording.
  • If we have time I will check on your property to see if it requires clearing to support your health and wellbeing and your family. Although I can tell you if this needs to happen, this is a separate transaction if I'm to go ahead with clearing your home, land or business through Distant Dowsing. This can be found on the page,

*(A Soul Evolution session without the Elixir and Spray excludes these sections listed above).


Ongoing Support

After receiving a Soul Evolution session some people require ongoing support in the form of dialogue. I can do this via Zoom/WhatsApp call or in person as a therapeutic/coaching/mentoring process. Sessions are 50 minutes. I also offer WhatsApp and email support. I will read, digesting, reflect and respond accordingly to your personal needs within a few hours. I only offer whatsApp & email support once I have worked with you via Soul Evolution first. Please read the "PDF Soul Evolution Fees & Services" towards the top of this page for pre-requirements. This platform can support you by giving you the flexibility and freedom to work with me how best serves you as and when challenging emotions/feelings occur. This is a very supportive process that helps my clients. With my support, walking together side by side you will feel the Ongoing Support, meeting the challenges together as they arise so you don't feel isolated. This level of support will help you to return to being integrated and whole again.


Distant Healing

I offer Distant Healing in the form of Distant Dowsing for 1 - 1 personal healing. This process is powerful and clears blocks and downloads the required healing into your system. Distant Healing takes 35/45 minutes per session and is £80.00. I send via WhatsApp or email a spoken report after completing the process if required.

Through Distant Healing I do a process called the Bell Jar Technique. It helps people to separate from others they were once in a relationship with, but despite no longer being together, feel the other person is draining their energy. Although I don't call it "Cutting the chords on a Psychic level" this will be the resulting effect and support received. You will benefit from this process as will the person sending the psychic chords/attack. The process is more about getting what you need and the other person getting what they need without having to be in relationship with each other. This is supported through Angelic Healing and has an immediate effect. If you are still in some form of relationship with the person who is sending the psychic attack on the unseen astral plain this will also significantly improve the relationship as they will be less inclined to draw what they need from you and as a result be less needy. This process is very supportive for relationship break ups. Fees for this are £55.00 per session. Sometimes the process needs to be repeated more than once as blocks can emerge underneath the surface once the core blocks have been cleared. Some clients also require several layers of Bell Jars around the person who is sending the cords if the attack is particularly strong. I send via whatsApp or email a spoken report after completing the process.


"I found the Soul Evolution session a really powerful experience, I really enjoyed the session itself and experienced a lot of great healing and Neil held a really great space for much needed clarity to unfold. It also gave me a much needed kick up the arse, which allowed the balance I had found so hard to bring into my life, just flowing with effortless ease very quickly in the days afterwards. This has continued in the time since with my path much clearer, and life feeling more abundant on many levels. This is a session I would HIGHLY recommend! Thank you so much! "

Charlotte Nolan Yoga, London, UK. October 2019.


Soul Evolution

"I'm not sure if Neil actually realises this, but I think he may be a magician.  Not in the hocus pocus sense of the word, but as in, a true walker between the worlds with an ability to effortlously and easily shift energies, blocks and entanglements beyond the time, space, continuum.  He is also a genuinely kind and generous person, who really listens and hears without judgement and responds from a place of pure heart.  Shifting deep seams of karma could have come with lots of cloak, smoke, bells and whistles, but what was so magical with Neil is that is was like having an ordinary, but lovely conversation.  He is very down to earth and systematic in his approach, which is reassuring and helps to settle any agitative energies around the momentous shift that is about to happen.  You can trust him absolutely, I do and I am excited to expand into what is now possible for me.  Thank you Neil."

Natasha Wardle, Director of Operations ~ Chalice Well Trust, 2000 - 2020. Glastonbury, UK. June 2020.


"The greatest gift you can give another person is your full attention, to give complete presence from a place of integrity, curiosity and authenticity. Through this process pure alchemy is created between two people which awakens the consciousness on all levels, the process itself is an Elixir as well as receiving it in bottle form."

  NBK Soul Evolution


Key Areas of Expertise

  • Clearing blocks or discarnate's on all levels in/on your person.
  • Clearing Discordant Energies using the Creative Power Symbol. Higher self says the use of this symbol combining the three basic creative forms of the universe; Square, Triangle and Circle put together in a symbol is the most powerful symbol that can be drawn. Thank you 'Mary Faith Rhoads' for creating this for all to use for Dissolving Discordant Energies.
  • Neutralising and harmonising, rooters, phones, computers, TV electrical goods and the bed pattern you sleep in.
  • Clear Parkinson's Disease.
  • Support to close down openings to other dimensions, portals and being too open to picking up spiritual gunk. Often proceeding taking Ayahuasca, LSD or other mind altering hallucinogenic drugs.
  • Clearing relationship entanglements in the now, from the past in this life and past lives.
  • Releasing belief systems that are no longer serving you, this life and past life.
  • Career path and your soul's purpose.
  • Health issues and low energy.
  • Affirmation use to support healing to blocks.
  • Finding out your primary colour that supports your evolution.
  • Optimum sleep time specific for you.
  • Ideal weight for your optimum health.
  • Meditation techniques globally known and pinpointing what would be the best method/approach for daily meditation specific to you.
  • Allergie testing.
  • Relationships that are no longer serving you. Bell Jar Technique.
  • Relinquishing the power "FEAR" has over you. Through the use of healing patterns used on a daily bases until the program is cleared.
  • Changing your vibration so it resonates at a higher frequency.
  • Unleashing your power.
  • Astrological insight based on the birth time and date. The impact the planetary placements have at your birth impacting your soul's journey in this lifetime.
  • Skin problems that reveal the inner conflict that is coming out through the skin. How to accept these internal and external changes.
  • Low self-esteem, mental programming and conditioning from family.
  • Addiction and the roots of self-hatred. "Addiction, looking for love in all the wrong places".  Specialising in food, alcohol and smoking addictions.
  • Weight problems, eating disorders and body image.
  • Anger and resentment.
  • Grief and depression.
  • Insomnia.


"Neil helped me implement strategic change in my business and set up a co – coaching program amongst my staff. He also supported me to manage my mind better while feeling under a great deal of pressure with work and having a busy family life in London, he helped me a lot with managing my frustration and being taken on a roller coaster by my emotions.”

Charlie Marshal, Founder, Loaf. London, UK. July 2017.


"Thank you so much Neil for a very sincere and practical Soul Evolutionary healing at the Chalice Well Healing Weekend yesterday. You were spot on in reading my life situation integrating various aspects of my life into one. I now have vision, methods and direction to assist me in moving forward with your healing. Also the card reading you gave at the end of the session blew me away, it completely summarised the healing ~ I couldn’t believe it! Thank you again for a wonderful experience...and also for the personal healing essence remedy you made for me, a beautiful touch for my ongoing soul support! I have already recommended you to a lady I know!"

Amma Jane Stevens, Holistic Beauty Therapist. Glastonbury, England, UK. July 2019.


Contract & agreement prior to our first session

  • Once payment is made you should receive an automated email from the site, if you don’t then please do get in contact.
  • Sessions are 50 minutes (Without Elixir & Spray) or 1 hr 1/2 (With Elixir & Spray). If receiving ongoing support via WhatsApp I record the amount of minutes I take to read, contemplate, digest and respond accordingly.
  • From the 1st April 2021 payment for an individual session without the Elixir & Spray is £80 and with the Elixir & Spray £150.
  • Postage & packaging of the Elixir & Spray is extra on top of the Soul Evolution session.
  • You can record the sessions if you wish too, this is for your own use to listen to the session afterwards.
  • Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are non-refundable and require full payment.
  • All other sessions cancelled outside of 24 hours by either party can be rebooked. However, there is a clear intention to show up as best one can with both parties fully committing to the process without cancelling.
  • The Soul Evolution format will be a therapeutic approach and holistic in its nature, co-creating a more fulfilled life for you as the intention.
  • The foundation questions that underpin the Soul Evolution process are; what is it that you want more of in your life? What and who do you value? What’s blocking you from becoming the greatest possible self you can become? How willing are you to step into and take the main part in your own theatre of dreams?
  • I will use all my Soul Evolution tools at my disposal to support you and help you work through clearing blocks on all levels.
  • Once the booking is completed online this is our contract between us. You will be sent an automated email with the time and date of the session and confirmation of the booking with the outline of our contract. When booking your session you need to include your full name, age, time of birth (if you don’t know that’s ok), date of birth and location and country. Please use the form in 'Details' to let me know “What’s going on?” in a 100 words or there a-bouts, any illnesses, doctor’s name and address and permission to contact them if required.


Booking & Payments

Select the service you require, complete the booking form below. Please enter the total and press the PayPal button or credit/debit card button. You will then be taken to Paypal's secure site and payment system. You will be sent confirmation by an automated email.


Soul Evolution Fees & Services



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