Terms and Conditions


Testimonials give huge value to my work because they tell others about your personal experience. If you would like to give a testimonial it would be very much appreciated. If you wish to keep your identity from being disclosed, an alternative name can be used as an alias.

Soul Evolution

Our contract and agreement prior to your first Soul Evolution Evaluation session.

Completing the form

Please complete the form with your details, and the times and dates of the sessions you would prefer. Please give an outline about why you wish to work with me, and the main issues you are facing. Once payment is made you should receive an automated email from the site. If you don’t receive one, email info@neilkynaston.com.

Payment is required before all sessions start. I need to receive one completed form before the first session either via the Soul Evolution page or the Distant Dowsing page.

These Terms and Conditions also apply to all subsequent sessions. My Terms and Conditions may change, so please check on this page.

My style

The therapeutic approach I use is holistic in its nature, co-creating a more fulfilled life for you as the intention. The foundation questions that underpin the therapeutic process are: what is it you want more of in your life? What and who do you value? What’s blocking you from becoming the greatest possible self you can become? What requires ongoing support and healing? Our aim will be for you to take full responsibility for the processes you will learn in our sessions and integrate them into your life.

Sessions are varied. My work integrates the following elements where I wear a variety of hats: Therapist, Life Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Dowser and Healer, all interspersed. I am acting in your best interests and weave in the modalities as appropriate.

Services and fees

Updated annually.

For my current services and fees go to the Soul Evolution page here.


Full payment is non-refundable for sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, for one-off sessions or a Soul Evolution Evaluation.

If you have booked a session with me via Therapy Harley Street for a face to face session and cancel, you will still be required to pay the room fee of £50, plus my fee of £150, and if you book via Therapy Harley Street, the £50 one off admin fee.

Block bookings

I have a strict no-cancellation policy for block bookings. If you are receiving ongoing support from me and are sick or can’t make a session, then I can offer a Distant Healing session to replace the face-to-face or online session. I send the report via a WhatsApp voice recording.

These sessions are for you only, and cannot be used by or transferred to another person.


These will be agreed during the Soul Evolution Evaluation session/s, with a minimum of 6 weeks’ notice from either side.

Termination of our working relationship

At some point our process will come to an end. To terminate the working relationship there is a 4 week notice period for both parties.

Room hire costs

If working with me at Therapy Harley Street, the room rental fee is £50 per hour.


If you have been referred through Therapy Harley Street, there is a one off £50 admin fee for the first session, on top of my fees.

Distant Dowsing

Completing the form

I require a completed form with the full names and ages of the people and animals you wish to be cleared in the property, and the full address of the property including postcode. If you are living in a flat or semi-detached house please state this, as it has an impact on the work being done. Please supply a phone number in case I need to speak with you, include national/local codes. I need to understand specifics of the situation, a historical timeline of events, and any myths or legends that you are aware of.

Once the form has been completed and payment made, you should receive an automated email from this site. If you don’t receive an email please get in contact via info@neilkynaston.com

The disclaimer and form is required for the first property I clear for you, and is not required for any others unless I ask for one.

Full payment is required prior to me commencing any of the work.

I do not provide preliminary Distant Dowsing Reports before starting the work. 

Expectations of how you will feel during and after the Distant Dowsing work is completed

Your property will not feel the same afterwards: it may feel like you don’t recognise the energy, because it has been completely changed. I use the analogy of going to the dentist and having all your amalgam fillings removed from twenty-five years ago, and replaced over several weeks with new fillings and crowns of the highest quality. Normally there is a sense of relief but your mouth will feel sore and different. Your property may initially feel uncomfortable and take a few months to completely bed in and feel like your property again. This is a long-term solution not a short-term fix.

Trusting the process

This work is done with you, the client, trusting me to do the unseen work that will affect the property, building, people and animals. This needs to be taken into consideration when selecting the work to be completed. Please read the Testimonials page on my website here to help you make an informed choice.

The work takes from one day to 23 days, including the 21 days it takes for damaged earth energies to be healed. The timeline for the work depends on the complexity and severity of what needs to be cleared. I work with what presents itself to me. I don’t know this until I start. Sometimes it changes in the process as I sequentially clear a property. This is the nature of working with the unseen, and it can be unpredictable. I ask for your trust in me before booking. My intentions are to support the clearing of your property, and to improve the health of the people and animals living in them. 

Communication during the process

Sometimes clients have questions as the work progresses. I’m happy to take a question or two by email info@neilkynaston.com or WhatsApp, but if I decide there are too many questions, you will need to book a Soul Evolution ongoing session which is £150 for 50 minutes. 

The report I send to you upon completion is a record of the unseen issues which have unfolded and been realigned in the property. The final report will be sent no longer than five days after completion.

Movement Awareness®

Once payment is made you should receive an automated email from the site. If you don’t receive the email get in contact via info@neilkynaston.com

Session are 1 hour 30 minutes.

Payment is non-refundable for sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice for the first session, or one-off sessions.

I have a strict policy of no cancellations if you have a weekly block booking at the same time.

Holidays: 6 weeks’ notice for holidays for both parties. 

If for any reason either of us wishes to terminate the working relationship, and if we have a regular weekly session, there is a 4 week notice period. 

The Movement Awareness® session will be holistic in its nature and supports you to become more integrated and embodied through the process.

Please assume you will be assisted in postures. 

It is your responsibility to tell me before a class commences if you have any injuries, if you are pregnant, or if you don’t wish to have assists during the class. 

Music and spoken word will be played in class.

Equipment required to bring

Clean yoga mat, 2 x yoga bricks, yoga strap and small towel.


Payment for an individual session is £100.

Payment for group lessons with a minimum of 5 people is £25 per person.

Open Floor

Our contract and agreement prior to my Open Floor workshop days.

My contract is with the organiser only. It is up to the organiser to take out the appropriate insurances, for hiring of the room, sound systems, yoga mats, food, contracts for clients who come.

Full payment is non-refundable for workshop days cancelled with less than 6 weeks’ notice.

Total cost of the package does not include your travel, food or accommodation.