Open Floor

Embodiment through movement, meditation and dance

The Open Floor work I offer provides deep healing and leaves the group with rich and life-changing experiences through self enquiry, meditation, movement and dance.

I hold a Postgraduate Teacher Training Certificate in Open Floor International. My training took place between 2014- 2017 in London, Scotland, Belgium, USA, Ireland and France.

Teaching Experiences

  • Costa Rica: Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training
  • Czech Republic: Long Dance, Movement Medicine
  • USA: Esalen Institute
  • Mexico: Baja Bio Sana and Freedom Retreats
  • Italy: The Hill That Breathes and Private Clients
  • Kenya: Private Clients
  • France: Open Floor International Training
  • Glastonbury: Chalice Well Essence Training
  • London: Leadership Consultancy Training
  • London: Home, 5Rhythms and Open Floor
  • London: A Call to Dance, 5Rhythms and Open Floor
  • London: 3x weekly classes over 5 years at Notting Hill Harbour Club

About Open Floor

Open Floor is a dance meditation and personal development practice for building physical and emotional intelligence, mindfulness and connection to your soul. By practicing expressing through the core movement resources and the 4x4 Weave, my aim as an Open Floor teacher is to support you to become more skilled and willing to challenge your own status quo in the range of responses to life’s ups and downs. The dance floor is our laboratory for exploration with opportunities to learn by making mistakes, with kind and caring people. Knowing ourselves more deeply and being willing to take risks as we learn and grow, is key to life both on and off the dance floor.

4x4 Weave 

  • Four Dimensions of Embodiment: Our physical body, our emotions; our mind and our soul.
  • Four Relational Hungers: How we relate to solitude; connection with another; belonging to a larger group; and spirit (our relationship to a sense of something larger than ourselves).

Core Movement Principles

Grounding, Centre, Release, Towards and Away, Activate and Settle, Dissolve, Spatial Awareness, Expand and Contract, Vector and Pause.

Open Floor

Movement Awareness

Jivamukti Yoga

Global Meditation Techniques

Gestalt Group Process

Chalice Well Essences

Workshop Participants

Each workshop will have between 3-25 participants. One person in the group will need to be the organiser of the programme. I suggest starting with the Taster programme and go from there. Fees are quoted separately for each workshop.


The responsibility of the organiser is to make contact to discuss the feasibility of me running a workshop, along with dates and any other practicalities. Once we have established that we wish to go ahead, we will liaise closely before, during and after the workshop. The organiser is also in charge of gathering participants, hiring the venue and sound system if required, cushions and deciding how the finances are split between the participants within the group etc. I always suggest a "potluck" lunch arrangement, so that everybody contributes and feels they have contributed. If individuals wish to be alone, they can take their food away and find a place for silence and reflection, but the main space will be kept available for everyone.

Booking and Payments

To book please complete the booking form below. Input our agreed payment amount followed by the PayPal or credit/debit card buttons. You will then be taken to PayPal's secure site and payment system. You will be sent a confirmation by automated email.

For bespoke packages please email

Contract and Boundaries

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