Distant Dowsing

Distant Dowsing

“A return to wholeness for; People, Animals, Land and Buildings”

Earth Healing through Distant Dowsing

 For many reasons, buildings and homes get sick, in a similar way to humans. It is often the case that the energetic health of a home or a piece of land can have a significant effect on the life-forms inhabiting it; such as the people who live there have health or financial problems, there are issues with animals or that they can't manage to sell a property. My work is to energetically clear land, offices and houses, allowing people​ ​to have a more peaceful, harmonious and healthy life.

NBK Distant Dowsing


Where I Work




House Energy Clearing

A building can work like an energy drain on the human body, sapping life energy and weakening the immune systems of the people working within it. This is often caused by either; Geo-Pathic Stress, Electro-Magnetic Stress or Geo-Psychic Stress. When our immune systems are compromised it's easy to pick up unwanted baggage. So, first and foremost the work I do is Earth Healing on houses, buildings and land. This is the foundation that enables optimal health and wholeness for the humans that live there. Creating a safe container and feeling the clear flow of energy can have a highly supportive effect on many levels listed below. If your home has been cleared, there is a much better chance of you returning to full health and remaining healthy. The clearing not only removes negative or damaging energies but also protects it from further accumulations of this kind. I would always suggest that it's in the best interest of everyone involved to remain on the property while the work is being done. It will work like a spring clean, clearing out everything that needs to be released and allowing naturally aligned fengshui to follow.


Benefits of House Energy Clearing

  • Protection from viruses and all forms of negative energy including; spirits released, curses released, negative power objects unscrambled and harmonised, black magic rituals released, in particular the power the rituals can continue to have over the land and people inhabiting or visiting the property.
  • Your home will feel clear, calm and harmonious.
  • All the people and animals are cleared of any negative energy.
  • Huge potential impact on all relationships within the house as blockages are removed and space becomes free flowing.
  • Protection from mobile mast emissions and WIFi emissions this doesn't affect your mobile phone signal.
  • Ailments and health issues will be held in a new positive nurturing way to allow for vast improvement.
  • Sleep will feel supportive and restful.
  • The vibration of the property will significantly increase.
  • Just being in your property will feel like a container of love and support that will nourish you on the deepest level.
  • Removing stuck energy allows you to realise your full potential.
  • The angelic healing energies will remain in place supporting your home and land continuously being recharged.
  • Once a property is healed it acts as a vortex from neighbouring properties so clearing negative energy from surrounding houses.
  • A six-point star is put in place underneath the building to transform all the negative energy into positive energy.
  • Inheriting property can often come with its draw backs. Imprints of the family’s systemic problems or issues that are unresolved can continue, those unresolved issues could be from hundreds of years before. Through Distant Dowsing you can have the slate wiped clean.
  • Problems with selling or buying a property can be influenced to make the properties vibration more attractive to potential buyers. It will attract the type of buyer who knows the property has been taken care of. It will give you peace of mind knowing you have done everything in your powers to have the property presented in the best possible order for the next owner or tenant. This not only benefits the new owner but also your own relationship to taking responsibility.
  • There is an unwritten rule in the spiritual unseen world that when you move into a property, renting or buying it becomes your personal responsibility to deal with what's going on there and what has gone on there in the past. This may appear harsh but as you rest your bones in the property the energy the land/building is carrying the imprints of its historical past which can seep into your energetic field.
  • The love and respect levels within the property will be brought back to as high as 100% once the process is completed.


Distant Dowsing Clarity & Safety

Distant dowsing allows 'The Dowser' to work with clarity and safety, serving the highest good for all beings involved and is accomplished from a place of detachment. The dowser does not come into the vicinity of the property or need to meet the people or animals being cleared. An example is that The Dowser could be in London, England but the clearing is in Beijing, China.


Dowser Working from Higher-self

The dowser orients 100% from the higher-self or non-judgemental witness consciousness. From a place of stillness and pure heart-centred attention. It is by working within this framework that the 'Paragon of Virtue' is achieved, with the intention to serve the highest good of all beings.


Archangels and Ascended Masters I'm Supported by

Archangel Gabriel, Zadkiel, Michael, Metatron, Sandalphon and Uriel. The Planetary Healing Angels, St. Germaine, Solar Archangels & Seraphim Angels. They are called at different times to do the energy clearing work.


Distant Dowsing

"Since moving into my boyfriend's house 3 years ago I suffered from IBS, depression, apathy and overwhelm. I could not ground or organise myself in this new house. As well as high levels of stress, anxiety and paranoia, my relationship turned into a mudslinging match where we screamed abuse at each other, it was very ugly. All this behaviour and symptoms were unusual to me. In fact, not me at all!

Then, a cat came to stay with me, it got ill and died quickly. This triggered a lightbulb moment where I realised there was something wrong with the house and land…not me...

Luckily, I found Neil who has performed life changing work on this land and our home. It is a miracle.  Now It feels good to be here and all tensions have disappeared. My mental state and health are improving daily and I can ground myself now on this property. Thank God!! I am sighing with relief after thinking the past problems were all my fault and yet I could find little cause for them. Life is so much more than we think. Thank you, Angels and Neil, for helping me!"

Sarah Lee Sylvester, Homeopath. Dingle, Ireland. October 2020 - March 2021.


5G Protection

  • 5G is being rolled out globally on our planet bringing much benefits for connecting electronically at very high speed. 5G mast emissions based on the properties I’ve been clearing where 5G has already been rolled out is having a significant impact on the people’s systems.
  • Placing an invisible net over your property/land made from Blue Apatite, Silicon Carbide and Aventurine, protecting the property from all radiation including 5G masts and towers. This is only done if 5G has been rolled out in your area.
  • As in life when there is an upside there has to be a downside. Clients have reported back to me the effects on there personal energy system from the day 5G was turned on in there area they reside; "physical pain in the heart, high anxiety, headaches, heart palpitations, very poor sleep patterns or unable to sleep." The work I do shields buildings and protects the people in them from the 5G radiation effects and mast emissions.


What Gets Cleared

The list of categories/areas that I examine when doing a clearing is eclectic. I've named most of them below so you have a sense of what I'm working with. The list is for transparency.  As a note I would suggest you don't fantasise about what could be in your property or with you, instead I recommend viewing it as all part of life's intentional tapestry.

Spirit release, energetic cords, black magic or rituals performed on the land, energy from any suicides, murders or deaths on the land, discarnate in aura’s, discarnates in possession, discarnates in past lives, earthbound souls, blocks and locks, curses and spells, negative thought forms, negative beliefs and imprints, negative energy blocks, rays of geo-pathic stress, electromagnetic stress, control issues, power games, dark energies, entities, dark forces, satanic energies, demonic energies, spirit attachments, blocked lay-lines, broken lay-lines, toxic streams, sink places, negative imprints, negative power objects, negative vortexes, detrimental energy, energy portals closed, openings above properties or land closed, mobile mast emissions, WIFi emissions, melatonin blocking signals, other wireless energies, military energies, tetra mast emissions, radiation of all kinds, radon gases, entity highways & drain sewer entities. 


The Effects on Buildings, Land and Homes

  • Buildings become hard to sell or impossible to be in.
  • They become a place that's noticeably impacting those who come within the area by triggering feelings of agitation, lethargy or general negativity.
  • A feeling the property has a presence or is toxic.
  • A sense of coldness in a place with detrimental energies.
  • Crops may not grow there or will be unsuccessful even if they do grow.
  • Places get a reputation amongst people for having bad energy, this is a 6th sense but is often the truth of what is happening at the unseen level.
  • Examples of energy imprints occurring could be physical or sexual abuse occurring in a location, years of systemic abuse or hatred through generations, a murder or hanging, a battle on the land, a stake burning such as a witch burning site.
  • A person bringing in negative energies to the house, home or land.
  • A curse put on the land, home house or person.
  • A note: Dogs hate to be in sick houses as do horses. Cats however like to be close to anxious people or be in sick houses or on places of Geopathic Stress, although they will also get sick in the long term.

These issues may have happened any number of years before even thousands of years before. All you need to do is take responsibility and a willingness to get the earth healed back to wholeness.


The Effects on the Human Condition

The poor energetic health of buildings and land can have the following common effects on humans; Fatigue, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction of any kind, self-loathing, fibromyalgia, self-destructive behaviour or self-harming, food intolerances and allergies, anger, resentment, hatred of self, men, woman or god are the most common, anxiousness, OCD, neurotic behaviour, ADHD, emotionally collapse, MS, candida albicans, a feeling of un-ease or dis-ease in the body or home, relationship break-ups, feelings of anxiety in bed or an inability to sleep restfully.


Dis-Ease in Humans, Animals & Properties 5 Possible Causes

  • GS Geo-Pathic Stress.
  • EMS Electro-Magnetic Stress.
  • Geopsy Geo-Psychic Stress.
  • V Vitality.
  • Hz Hertz.


“I had slept badly for several months in my flat in London. Neil and I had been friends for several years and I spoke with him about my fears and not knowing what to do...! Neil did some work on my flat in London, as well as my house in Sicily, he also worked on my mother's flat and her two country houses in Sicily. I am so grateful for the work Neil has done on all of my families houses and have felt the instant benefits as I am now sleeping very well and feel safe in the flat again as does my mother. Thank you, Neil.”

Franchesca Rubulotta. Doctor/Lecturer PHD Imperial College, London


Breakdown of the 5 main causes of issues in People, Land, Buildings, Homes & Animals

GPS Geo-Pathic Stress or harmful earth rays, is natural radiation which rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. This can also arise on top of the land through storms and construction work. The wavelengths of the natural radiation disturbed in this way become harmful to living organisms. GS does not cause any illness, but lowers your immune system and increases the Hz frequency in the body. Your ability to fight off viruses and bacterium is significantly weakened. While we are sleeping, the body should be at rest and it can then do its repair work on body cells, fight infections, and absorb nutrients from the food eaten that day. However, when we are sleeping in an area of GS, the body has to use all its energy just to keep its vital organs going and consequently the immune system is lowered, we cannot absorb our nutrients or fight off infections.

EMS Electro-Magnetic Stress is man-made and mainly caused by power-induced electrical appliances and installations. It covers a vast electro-magnetic spectrum that involves frequencies introduced by radar, radio and microwave use, including TV’s, VDU’s, microwave ovens, mobile phones, etc...

Geopsy Geo-Psychic Stress is the presence of earthbound souls or dark entities stuck in the Earth’s vibrations "Ghosts." These presences have not passed over after death and cause problems for living people. If I find Geo Psychic stress in the form of Earthbound souls and/or dark entities, I also check for other psychic phenomena such as curses, negative power objects and negative vortexes.

Vitality The level of life force energy in a building or person.  We draw much of our own energy from the buildings we live and work in. Within a building/house/home/person/animal the minimum percentage needed to be healthy is 75% or more. When I dowse I use charts that give me the readings for data needed to see what is occurring on the land and in the affected people.

Hertz Vibrations The vibration that your body is resonating at is extremely important to maintain health. If you body is being impacted by any of the first three, the chances of an increased Hz level is substantially increased. When I was sick for one and a half years my Hz was at 180 which meant my body was in complete over-drive and couldn't restore itself. A healthy optimum level for the body to replenish itself is 7.63 Hz. Again, I do this with charts and a pendulum.


Notable Dowsers

Leonardo Da Vinci, Robert Boyle, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein & Moses, Exodus 4.17

Charts Codes and References for Payments


With homes this includes the clearing of all the people that live there and the animals that live there. In the booking system below, please provide all the names of each person's/animals full names living there. (If it’s a terrace, semi-detached house or flat please state this in the booking form, as I have a different process for each). The "booking code" correspond with the number of bedrooms in the property ranging from minimum - maximum. Note. If you have an office or out buildings with rooms or several offices in your home/building each office/room/out-building room counts as a bedroom.


Only the property and the land of these premises get cleared. Sports Stadiums and Night Clubs/Pubs/Restaurants will be treated as businesses so the buildings will need to be cleared of all people before the work can commence.


The coordinates and address of the land need to be given in the booking form plus the amount of acres.


The buildings have to be completely clear of people when the clearings are being done. Times and days need to be provided in the booking form when the buildings are free from people so I can do the clearing. If people are in the buildings or land I can’t do the work, it needs to be safe. Only the buildings & the land get cleared. All individual addresses of each premises need to be provided in the booking form.

Email & Time Line for Clearings

In the form at the bottom please fill in all the following details required: -

  • Full names and age of the people and animals you wish to be cleared.
  • The full address of the property lived in including postal address or zip code. If you have no address for a piece of land then please give the coordinates and acreage.
  • If you are living in a flat or semi-detached house please state this as it has an impact on the work being done.
  • Please supply a phone number in case I need to speak with you, include national codes and local codes.
  • Any specifics of the situation and a historical time-line of events. Any myths or legends to be included.
  • The story behind the dis-ease.
  • Select the date you would like the work to commence from and I will confirm in the email I send back to you when that start date will be, which is dependent on my workload.
  • The work takes from 1 – 3 weeks, depending on the severity of the situation. Sometimes things get a little worse before everything shifts but this is normal and the clearing will provide healing for those who live in the house. Then up to a week to send the completed report.
  • I will endeavour to return all emails within 3/5 working days. I will give you a snap shot of what’s happening, basically to say yes it needs clearing or no it doesn't, with a brief description, before commencing the work.
  • Upon completion of the clearing work, you will receive a report, because of the nature of the work and some of the terms, it can be a little frightening. I will not be mentioning the specific nature of the energetic disturbance unless you specifically ask me to, I will instead refer to it as 'Geo Psychic Stress' in the clearing notes.
  • If you wish to have more information than I have given to you in the final report, I suggest you book a follow up session through Soul Evolution to support this process. I always encourage people to have a Soul Evolution session to accompany a house clearing anyway.


Expectations of how you will feel during & after the Distant Dowsing work is completed

A final note before you commit to getting the work done. Your property, land or office will not feel the same afterwards, It will feel like you don't recognise the energy, this is because it has been completely changed. I will use the analogy of going to the dentist and having all your amalgam fillings removed from 25 years and replaced with new fillings with the highest quality fillings. The teeth will look better after the whole mouth has been stripped back to basics of anything that could potentially cause harm. Imagine you've had 17 fillings removed and your whole mouth been worked on for several weeks. Normally there is a sense of relief but your mouth will feel sore, different and like you don't know your month anymore. This is how your property will feel, it will initially feel uncomfortable and will take a few months to completely bed in and feel like you know your home. This is a long-term solution not a short term fix.


Why did I Choose Dowsing ~ My Story… NBK…

“I didn’t go looking for this work… the work found me. In 2013 I resisted and battled for one and a half years with my declining health. I was getting sicker and sicker, I lost 3.5 stone in weight and had no idea why, I had severe insomnia, and a relationship break down because I was like an egg with its shell constantly breaking. I had Candida Albican, with a pealing skin condition all over my body. I went vegan and alcohol free for one year and nothing got better. I was taking every supplement under the sun. I had a therapist and lived a very healthy life style, keeping fit and doing Yoga every day. I had a constant feeling of unease and of not feeling myself, feeling lost. I was deeply concerned about my future. I eventually surrendered and stepped into what for me felt like a portal to the unknown… I needed to learn how to clear “myself and my home.” With the help from teachers, healers and mentors I was supported on how to move out of sickness back to wholeness and it wasn’t how I thought it would be… Little did I know I would be required to learn to dance between two worlds! I know those worlds now as the seen and the unseen, coexisting as one.

 “I know what it's like to meet disbelief about something that’s true and affecting your life deeply… just because it doesn’t fall into social norms or is uncomfortable for others to hear. I chose to take my power back and speak up.”

 “The earth needs our help to reverse the current slide towards sickness. The work of “distant dowsing” is a safe way to assist the earth, waters, and sky back to its true nature, wholeness. I am fully supported and live fearlessly in supporting people in doing this work. Those who know me know I am a straight arrow. Believe me, I did not choose to walk this path… I did not get to this place without being tested to my absolute limit, with my life being literally on the line. I was made to question everything in my life, my values, my beliefs, my behaviour, who I was and what I was prepared to be seen to be in this world. The mirror was questioning and prodding me constantly… is this who you really are? The real question and the bottom line was, what am I really here to do in this life and on this planet? I was suffocating and I needed support. I went around the world and back again searching every corner of the globe for clues…”

 “I am now a servant to our planet and in deep service to humanity. I remembered why I came here and I remembered how sacred my life is. I am grateful to offer my true nature by giving support and transforming people's lives through what I can only see as real-life alchemy.”

Champion of Clouds, High Noble, Royal Peace Settlement. Founder NBK.


Trainings and Teachers

2017 - 2019 Chalice Well Trust. Glastonbury. England. This 2-year process was a major influence for my spiritual development and understanding. Learning how to use the new tools given to me to work with the unseen.

2013 – 2021 Debbie Rye. I have gone through an apprenticeship with Debbie working and training with her for the past 8 years, each year learning picking up new skills. Now I know how to protect myself and help others to do the same. This process doesn’t happen overnight and I have been floored on many occasions, but I had to go through the process to learn to do this deep inner transformational work. Debbie's website www.alternativeways.co.uk is a very interesting and a worth-while read.

2012 – 2017 Eucalyptus. An energy healer based in London and Glastonbury who worked with herbs, medicines from plants, healing through spirit, sound waves and Cranio-Sacral.

2009 – 2013 Rana Ward. Cranio-Sacral therapist, therapist, writer and story-teller. Rana taught me the need to listen to my subtle energy body rhythms, to allow them to release and let go… “Which wolf are you feeding?” she used to say to me.

2006 – 2011 Perry Hollowmon. Body worker ~ “The Healing Art of Deep Body work.” Based at Esalen Institute, California, USA. Perry is one of the leading bodywork therapists in the world. He also taught me the importance of feeling what the body needs to let go of and not be in fear to release it.

2008 – 2021 Movement Medicine. Ya’Acov Darling Khan and Manari Kaji Ushigua Santi. They have both taught me the importance of acknowledging and working with the unseen world in a way that’s kind, supportive and allows for all to be acknowledged. If something in the body, whether that is physical, mental, emotional or in the psyche, is not serving an individual's highest purpose and life path it is absolutely ok for it to be released for the highest good, for all beings. They call this a “Shamanic healing.”

Booking and Payments

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