Spiritual Response Therapy

Researching and releasing the subconscious mind from past life programming allows your soul to choose its own path, without interference

The soul gets born into a body and comes in with pre-programmes from past lives. These programmes influence our choices, beliefs and behaviours until they are transformed, cleared and harmonised.

I ask to access these programmes through the Akashic records; this library holds everything that has ever happened to a person and the historical records of their soul. I access my clients’ soul records through pendulum dowsing. I do this through communication with my clients and my own High Self. I access my clients’ records through using a system called Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) which works with a series of charts to find all hidden negative programming.

My aim is to support you to clear the negative programmes that are running, to free you to live a life of meaning, purpose, abundance and contentment, releasing and transmuting you from karmic cycles in the past, present and future. Your soul will then be free to decide on the path forward.

SRT is a meticulous system and researches the subconscious mind and soul records, discovering and releasing hidden blocks to health, happiness, contentment and spiritual growth. The greatest permanent healing is through attunement to Spirit, and recognising ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience. When High Self clears a programme or block, my team of guides erase the negative energy pattern from the subconscious and soul records. Instead of being driven by subconscious negative beliefs, you become free to live your greatest potential – to express your soul’s true essence.

The result of this work has assisted thousands of people to live more contented lives. SRT was established and founded in the late 1980s by Robert E. Detzler who envisaged a world where anyone can realise their full potential.

The system of SRT works like a reset or software upgrade for the subconscious mind. The consequence of the reset allows you to take complete responsibility for integrating all aspects of self through the embodiment of heart, body, mind and soul. The slate is wiped clean and it’s then up to you to choose healthy life-affirming choices. Sessions are 1hr 30 minutes.


How to Work with Me
In person, by video call or distant clearing.