Honouring The Sacred

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I am royal in my nature and honour these qualities. My heart is discerning, I trust my intuitive heart, I take care to listen. I value myself deeply. I am loving and loved. I have strong values and boundaries, I honour both equally. I accept human failings, mistakes will be made. I offer forgiveness and […]


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Curses, Vortexes & Power Objects Some of you may or may not know that one of the things I do for a living is clear curses from people, land and homes. I’m posting this because of the positive impact the lifting of a curse has. In my opinion I would go as far to say […]

Awakening the Heart

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Over the years my life has proven time and time again one thing is for sure… There are many people, places and experiences in this world where I have had the opportunity to awaken my heart when I thought it was not possible or I was unwilling to go there. This blog is a summary […]


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Empowerment ~ Discernment as our compass To be fully in our power first we need to have a good grasp of being able to discern from our choices. The accumulation of a set of experiences bring us closer to being able to make informed empowering choices when our discernment compass is aligned to our heart, […]

Love in Disguise

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Love in Disguise “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl G. Jung.  In my family growing up there was no hiding from the darkness, the shadow of addiction, abuse, narcissism and self-hatred. This was at our family’s core. The abuse that was being played out […]

School of Hard Knocks

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School of Hard Knocks. Before we are born our Soul is in a place called the “Bardo” this is where it is agreed what will be the next life lessons for the Souls evolution. It is agreed by the council as well as the Soul the main focus to reincarnate and what family structure and […]

Protecting Your Family and Home

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In 1984 I signed for Aston Villa FC, a national corporate PLC based in England UK. I signed forms as a school boy with the intention to become a professional footballer. A year later the representative who signed me for Aston Villa preyed on me as a vulnerable young boy. I worshiped the ground he […]