Plant & Vibrational Essences

"Natural Alchemy supported by Plants"

“I started my exploration into Essences while working as a Saturday boy in a health food shop called 'Foods of The Earth', in 1988.

It was in Dudley town centre, West Midlands, England.

I sold Bach Flower remedies and homeopathy as well as other health foods and supplements.

I liked the alternative world, it felt good.”

NBK Plant & Vibrational Essences


Consultation Aims

The aim of our Plant and Vibrational consultation is to find the right blend of essences to quieten your mind and integrate the parts of your psyche that have been disassociated or pushed away in your past. This makes our aim very clear: to support you on your return to your true state of wholeness, emotionally, mentally and physically. This is achieved through selecting a blend of essences that resonate the most with your true feelings. Often these feelings are uncomfortable but keep resurfacing after perhaps being pushed away. This is different to a Soul Evolution session as there is no coaching or dowsing or Shaman wisdom cards. The focus is clearly about creating an essence bottle for you to take. Taking only 25 minutes, it is also perfect for doing consultations over Skype or email.

“When the mind is free of the constrictions of past conditioning, this means the essence has supported your human system to integrate and reach equanimity within the psyche. The aim is to return the energy system back to its true nature of stillness and wholeness. This is true natural alchemy, being supported by plant medicine.”

NBK Plant & Vibrational Essences

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Finding clarity for the life you want to live.
  • Alignment towards your soul's purpose.
  • Heartbreak and love issues.
  • Clarity of mind allowing the mind to come to a place of ease.
  • Skin conditions of all kinds.

Counter States

Each remedy has two states, I call this a “counter state.” The first state is the “blocked state” where the mind and/or body  experiences a repeated thought or physical symptom, like a broken record trying to free itself. The second stage is the potential “freeing" or "surrender” crossroads, which is the effect the essence will have on your psyche and your whole system once the correct remedy is chosen. Your mind and body can then let go of the suffering, leading to quietening and eventually ceasing of the disturbance in the mind, body and emotions.


The range of essences I will draw on to support you: -


Bach Flower Remedies

The Godfather of the essence world is the founder of the Bach Flower Remedies Dr Edward Bach. In 1930 – 1934 he created the 38 remedies still used today, which focus on supporting and reducing the negative impact on the mental condition. He believed that, “Following one's true vocation is essential to spiritual and physical health.” He also believed the importance of “treating the cause of the illness.” Page 7, The 38 Flower Remedies, 1999, Wigmore.


Baileys Flower Essences

A beautiful range with some exquisite formulas such as “Mending Heart” which other essences don’t have.


Wildheart Animal Essences

Casey Jon one of my mentors/tutors created this range of Vibrational Animal Essences. There are 20 in total. They have a clear intention of aligning with the spirit of the animal creating an environment for whole-ness.


Indigo Essences

From Ireland, works effectively with children and for adults who have issues relating to their childhood.


“Neil has an amazing direct approach, his instinct and skilled communication led him straight to the core of my problem. Along with his caring demeanour and knowledge of essences, I certainly felt more positive and able to move forwards from what was holding me back after our consultation and I had taken the remedy. Thank you Neil.”

Leigh Bolland, Mother/Grandmother/Accounts Manager.


Chalice Well Essences

This is where I did my “Senior Practitioner Therapy Training.” I feel very blessed to have been able to work and train at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK with amazing tutors who really care about their offerings. Natasha, Sophie and Casey, thank you for sharing so much knowledge.


Aura Soma ~ Pomanders, Quintessence and Colour Bottles

(These are sold separately to the other essences as they are made differently; they still have a very high value for healing.) I met with the Aura Soma Essences in Puna, India while a Sanyas.


Vibrational Essence Spray with Essential Oils

I also work with Essential Oils and create sprays for personal use and for clearing spaces. As well as using Essential Oils I also add vibrational energy to the bottle, which deeply clears spaces. The cost of a spray bottle is £14.00.


“I had an essence consultation with Neil at the beginning of September 2018 and was struck by his kind and intuitive approach. By asking a few relevant questions and using cards he was able to get straight to the heart of the issue I am dealing with and prescribed a very supportive combination of essences for me to take. I have been taking them ever since and find them gentle but at the same time powerful in reaching the issue and giving me healing and support.  Thank you Neil for your help and understanding.” 

Susannah Mitchell, Therapist and Holiday House Manager


Appointments for a Plant & Vibrational Consultation

Each appointment takes 25 minutes. Within this time you will have a chance to describe your condition and then together we will make up the essence bottle while you are with me so you can take it away with you. There can be up to 9 essences in my treatment bottles. I use the essences listed above, adding brandy as a preservative unless you request otherwise. Also included in the essence bottle are the essences themselves which come in alcohol and are suitable for children and animals, the rest of the bottle contains purified water. The bottle will be consumed normally in 3/4 weeks, so it doesn’t have a life span requiring alcohol to preserve the shelf life if you don't wish to have alcohol in the essence bottle. Without alcohol the contents of the bottle will go off within 5 weeks. It is at your discretion whether you wish to have a repeat appointment or whether a one-off appointment is enough. This really depends on what needs shifting in your system and whether it gets shifted or not.


Payments and Booking

£60.00 This includes the consultation and the “Essence Bottle.” Please select a date on the booking form below and also a time in the drop down menu, then give as much information as you can on the booking form, send it and then pay via PayPal at the 'Buy Now' button. If you cannot attend in person then I offer Skype, FaceTime or Email appointments. I can post the essence to you anywhere in the world. You should receive an automated email from the site once you have completed the form, if you don’t them please do get in contact.


Contract and Agreement prior to our Consultation

  • Sessions are 25 minutes.
  • Full payment is non-refundable for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.
  • All other sessions cancelled outside of 24 hours by either party can be re-booked. However, there is a clear intention to show up as best one can with both parties fully committing to the process without cancelling.
  • The consultation will be holistic in its nature and the key question will be “What do you want more of in your life?”.
  • Payment for an individual session is £60 as of the 1st January 2019.
  • The session starts on the hour or half hour and finishes at 25 past or 5 minutes to the hour.
  • Fees increase by 5% annually from the 1st January.
  • The next increase commencing January 1st 2020.


Booking  and Payments

To book please complete the booking form below, tick the terms and conditions and send. Select the service you require in the menu bar followed by the Paypal button "Buy Now". You will then be taken to Paypal's secure site and payment system. You will be sent an automated email with the time and date of the booking and confirmation outlining our agreement.

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Consultation and Essence Bottle £60.00

Vibrational Essence Spray with Essential Oils £14.00