Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

Relationships that have their roots in love addiction or trauma addiction can have a major impact on your whole life and choices moving forwards. To take full responsibility to clean up what’s been going on in the unseen level is essential. To be clear this can mean if you broke up with a person from many years or decades ago that the wounds of the breakup or the longing can still be on going if the connection hasn’t been dealt with. The process of one or both people in the relationship giving their energy to the other person subconsciously or consciously creating an energy loop from one person to the other. The energetic cords on the unseen can keep people connected for life times with unresolved contracts. So even after breaking up with someone this can still be in place for months or years afterwards without us knowing it even though you may feel it.

Sub Conscious

This can remain in place on the sub conscious level unless you reclaim back from the person your soul. The program that has been set up by both of you in the relationship will continue. Recently in the past few months I have been working with lots of people who have needed to retrieve their soul from some form of relationship. Classic examples of needing to reclaim your soul back from a relationship where the energy exchange was out of balance and one person was giving much more than the other, over extending themselves which not only leaves the person over extended and out of balance in the relationship but afterwards it leaves them feeling like they have no energy to come back to themselves because the cycle continues even when the person on the physical level has gone.

Abuse of Power

Another extreme example is through sexual abuse or violence. Where a person’s boundaries have been violently invaded or crossed, this time it’s a different process than just retrieving the energy back. It’s about saying no thank you and closing the door completely on the energetic level, so the discordant energy channel doesn’t remain open on the unseen level. Through abuse the auric field can become damaged and so remains open like a wound which keeps the connection going with that person who was the abuser. It is imperative to “shut the door” energetically so not to receive the energy of the person subconsciously. Imagine you are on tap receiving a person’s energy day and night even if you are physically many miles away, and imagine there is no such thing as space and time. This is what is happening when it comes to cords and attachments between people in unhealthy relationships. Sexual abuse is the most difficult to deal with as it can be damaging on all levels. That wound needs healing to become healthy again.

Soul Retrieval & Psychic Shielding

I work with two systems to clean up the energies. Firstly “Soul Retrieval” then secondly “Psychic Shielding” closing the boundaries to receiving energy. I work with very precise and powerfully worded statements that are specific and directive. I dowse the amount that the statements need to be said so people can fully take their power back and co create strong supportive boundaries on all levels. The power of the mind what we think and what we say has a very major impact on our soul’s evolution. Our self-talk literally becomes our reality. So, imagine you had been physically abused and you needed to psychically shield against the invader attacking you. Shutting the door to their energy is essential by stating the statement this will work on your psyche as well as on the physical, mental and emotional levels and on all levels that can’t be seen.

Karmic Entanglements

Whether you believe it or not entanglements of karmic ties can last for many many lifetimes… To the point of reincarnating and meeting the same people in different forms of relationships over and over to learn the same lessons. We are here to learn from our lessons and forgive. We are also here to take care of ourselves and not take on everybody else’s stuff. “I’m not going to take on your shit basically.”

It’s one thing saying it and then there are all those patterns with our mothers and fathers that can run so deeply in our bonding patterns. If you grew up in families where you were unable to be the child because your parents were coming from places of victims themselves and acting out you will be hard wired for co-dependant relationships as you will have been trying to fill the void in your parents as a child. From a psychological point of view this is well researched through Bowlby’s attachment theory, but not on a spiritual and ethereal level which my work delves into. This creates havoc in the energetics and cords of energy exchange that needs to be put right.

Being Sensitive

Have you heard of people saying “I’m too sensitive, I pick up everyone else’s energies.” This normally means they are leaking energetically on the unseen level which means both receiving and giving could be happening.

I help people to close both ends of this spectrum. I work with the following issues that come up strongly in this dynamic. Addiction to another person, co-dependency and not putting your needs first when needed, over-extending and giving too much, this one can sometimes pendulum though when the giving stops by one then the receiver flips and they switch roles. A classic example of the runner and chaser dynamic of the Twin Flame dynamic, or the avoidant and anxious attached relationship. Polarizing and swinging from one extreme to another. The other as mentioned are abusive relationships where power over or under is in play. The worse the invasion to a person from the abuser, the deeper the need to reclaim back the boundary that was taken.

Who’s Involved

To work with these processes, I will help you to identify the key people currently or in the past both this life and past lives who are in one or both of these positions, and this can relate to personal and professional relationships in the form of; lovers, friends, family members and work colleagues.

Dowsing Using Charts

I will identify the level of energy exchange 0 - 100% as a percentage of what is the extent of you giving and receiving the energy to and from another.

Reclaiming Your Power

I will help you to identify what is required in regards to repeating the reclaiming statement to retrieve your energy and to close the door tightly shut. Allowing you to fully take your power into your own hands. This could mean you continue to have a relationship with a person who in the past the energy was completely out of balance and you kept falling into the same patterns causing trauma bonding, pain and suffering... Things can really shift and change with this process on a profound level.

Soul Evolution

To work with the “Soul Retrieval” and “Psychic Shielding” processes please contact me for a Soul Evolution session to empower yourself, reintegrate the split aspects of self that need to be reclaimed and to close off to receiving energy even if the person you are in relationship with persistently wants to give to you on the unseen and seen level.

Reclaim your Soul & Closing Any Openings on the Psychic Levels Seen & Unseen
To book a session please go to my website page

So, if you are one of these people, or know someone who is suffering; love sickness, love blindness, constant thinking about another, always crying about the other, can’t move on, feeling worthless and unable to do anything about it, staying in the victim mode after any form of abuse. Please do get in touch…

Testimonials below are from people I’ve worked with to help then with the above processes.

I look forwards to working with you.

Neil Brian Kynaston



Soul Evolution & Ongoing Support

"I reached out to Neil when I was feeling really low and stuck about a relationship break up 6 months before. I was struggling to accept the end of this relationship and process all the sudden changes in my life. I was unable to focus on the work I needed to do. I became self-destructive and to my disappointment I was unable to fight my negativity despite all the tools I had.

Neil helped me process and remove my negative energy patterns and helped me to get my personal power back. I was only in my power 20% of the time giving my power away 80%. No wonder I was so low and depressed. I felt a shift straight away after we had worked together and felt extremely tired. I had been exhausting myself for months without nourishment. I was determined to get my power back so I committed to the process Neil suggested which I completed in 4 days. (it was up to me how long it could take). I revisited all the emotions that I had to let go off. I felt really tired, dizzy and resistant at first but started to lighten up.

Neil was very supportive and encouraging throughout. I finished the process of soul retrieval in the evening of the 4th day and I felt completely exhausted. I slept straight away to wake up to a bright new day without any negativity, foggy head or obsessive thoughts. Instead, I was highly energised. Amazing... I thought I would never get out of this tunnel of darkness!
I am so grateful to be able to get on with my life, to enjoy my own company again and be social with others. Not being in a constant state of conflict or anger. I got back into my healthy routines and I feel positive about life again despite the difficulties of the times. What an incredible gift you can give to people Neil, Thank you."

Efi Dementi, Actress. Athens, Greece. November 2020.


Soul Evolution

"I found the Soul Evolution session a really powerful experience. I really enjoyed the session itself and experienced a lot of great healing and Neil held a really great space for much-needed clarity to unfold. It also gave me a much-needed kick up the arse, which allowed the balance I had found so hard to bring into my life, just flowing with effortless ease very quickly in the days afterwards. This has continued in the time since with my path much clearer, and life feeling more abundant on many levels. This is a session I would HIGHLY recommend!

Additionally, to help support my spiritual and emotional growth further, Neil gave me a very powerful statement to say, to help me bring back wholeness and more personal power, also to reclaim any energy that I have given away to people which in turn could be blocking me, and stopping me living my fullest life, bringing me what I want and feel I truly deserve. He dowsed the amount of times that I needed to say it, and I’ve always found his dowsing highly accurate and the impact of this showed that once again, he had very clearly and intuitively tuned in with the amount of time’s I would need to say the statement, as both the process and outcome felt amazing and really seemed to align me with the energy held within the beautiful intention of the words. I said the statement several times regularly over a two-day period and I experienced what can only be described as a very powerful release.

I had previously been considering some cord cutting work, and this was it, as it came at just the right time and completely met my energetic desires and intentions. I really feel the power of this special prayer has helped me to feel more self-empowered and I could very quickly feel a strong re-calibration of my energy, feeling more whole and with a lot of new clear awareness. It has also left me feeling much stronger and centred within myself. Amazingly powerful!”

Charlotte Nolan, Founder. London. September 2019.

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