Curses, Vortexes & Power Objects

Some of you may or may not know that one of the things I do for a living is clear curses from people, land and homes. I’m posting this because of the positive impact the lifting of a curse has. In my opinion I would go as far to say extraordinary effects how it changes people’s lives for the better.

Curses remain in place until they are lifted. If you know of anyone who is suffering from something that could be a curse then I don’t charge to check if this is the case only if I do the lifting of it and the purification process.

There are three types of curses I clear:-

1) Negative Power Object. I’ve cleared a few of these where the object has been in a picture where the image that was captured was demonic in form so carried the energy of a curse. A painting where the energy of what was painted embodied a curse, a set of stairs cursed so causing issues and accidents on the stairs.
2) Negative Vortexes’. Rare but I cleared one the other day in India in a huge hotel.
3) Curses. Normally acted out in a ritualistic format with intention to do harm. If a house is cursed the chance of selling it is almost zero as what goes on in the property while you own it becomes your responsibility to deal with before someone else can move in or own it.

Distant Dowsing
There are many other things that can affect a property and the energy frequency of the land or home. To know a bit more about this go to my website and check out: clearing houses and land anywhere in the world from distance.
Below is a personal testimonial of one of my clients in the UK I did some work for over the past year or so. One of the properties I cleared had a bad ass curse in it. Three other people had attempted to clear it before me. It had been there for 38 years.

Testimonials are the way my work allows people to know what I do and the authenticity that’s it​'​s done with. Believe me I was as sceptical about all this kind of thing for many years as anyone else would be, but my journey took me to places that I would never have dreamt about.

If I’ve cleared a house for you or a curse and you feel brave then please leave your comments in the thread below.
Also, if you have comments or questions please also leave in the thread below so others can get the benefits from those answers.

My Testimonial page is:


Distant Dowsing, Soul Evolution & On Going Support

"Neil is an exceptional person who has the ability to make fundamental differences energetically to people and places. Many would not believe in curses or bad energy but we all get a vibe from somewhere... that uncomfortable feeling in certain places and situations... Neil clears the space for light and goodness to enter... removes the bleak oppressive darkness and anxiety of feelings of unease and offers the chance to be set free... Neil cleared two properties for me, one was very bad where it had been cursed where others had failed, offering the occupants a feeling of peace and rest after many years of difficulty and oppression. The process works on many levers offering a must have opportunity that should be prioritised above everything. Neil is understated in his talent and I am truly grateful for his help. Anyone experiencing difficulties will almost certainly see and feel the difference from his work."

Dawn Stelle Dorrell, Lawyer. Romford, UK. February & August 2020.

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