Empowerment ~ Discernment as our compass

To be fully in our power first we need to have a good grasp of being able to discern from our choices. The accumulation of a set of experiences bring us closer to being able to make informed empowering choices when our discernment compass is aligned to our heart, mind and body consciousness as a whole. Through these three bodies the essence of who we are can shine brightly and guide us through our life’s ups and downs.

The challenge of Discernment

All that said, discernment can be challenging… Following one person or a master or a teacher or a set of beliefs and teachings as seen so many times can lead to damaging life lessons. So how do we discern when the institutions we are part of are also potentially floored. Examples in the public domain of abuse of power have been highlighted in the Catholic Church, Football Clubs, with Yoga Gurus and Public and Private Schools, all so called hallow ground. The shadows of these institutions get played out with systems not being whole. I’ve chosen a path in my adult life that has allowed me to work with many teachers and masters in their own right for a period of time that allows me the freedom to put what tools I feel are most relevant for my life’s work and journey into my life skills tool box.

Black and White Polarised Thinking

There is no right or wrong path. Extreme actions often cause turmoil in the energetic and emotional body. When we are coming from a place of embodied heart centred presence, the chances of making empowered choices are much more viable. So, the questions begs what makes us be more aligned to our own inner compass and self-knowing? What brings us closer to our Souls purpose? How can we find our clarity in the face of adversity and the not so clear life experiences presented to us. The space between the polarities help us navigate towards an aligned choice. That said sometimes we need to use the pendulum swing a few times before the true direction reveals itself. Polarised behaviour does have its place to stir the waters and stoke the fire. So, discount nothing even black and white thinking has its place to get to a place of alignment sometimes.  

Time lines

Getting what we need to be whole and balanced can take a life time. It really depends on your starting point in life. Challenging home life as a child will mean you have lots of work to do to climb out of that toxic energy frequency. Everybody has the god spark and everyone has the same amount initially. It’s what you do with it to cultivate your essence. I will discuss in depth in my next post some experience I’ve had in my life which have been important markers of time and experiences that have shaped my life and how I relate to myself and my personal power.


Recently I’ve been going through a challenging time in a relationship with a woman that’s brought us both to the place in our lives to question our values and what we really want out of life. Even when you think you know; do you really know? A knowing with one person may be different with someone else as the energy frequencies the auric field compatibility, past life cords, (we had three past lives influencing our relationship that needed clearing), trauma, work life balance, addiction patterns, friends, family, preferences, the list is endless, all influence how you bond and what makes a relationship work.  My struggle with this relationship is a spilt between what the body wants and what the mind has to say about it. And then you can add love and respect into the mix to add more layers of complexity. But to work with the mind, body and heart, it needs for us to come from an integrated place, a whole place to make a discerning choice. This forces us to retreat internal and listen to the inner voice, your essence that comes from a place that’s whole and the unbroken part within all of us that is pure and is all knowing and is what maybe best described as the truth radar. Your inner voice if you can get to a place where you can listen will guide you to the most beneficial outcome for your whole being. Does that mean the discerning choice is easy… Not as a given. The path to integrity and living through this vail means not only are we listening to our inner wisdom and knowing. We are also Intune with what supports us from what you may perceive as God, Spirit, Religion, a higher power, your higher self.  When we are coming from a place where the ego construct has less of a voice due to being embodied the choice has more of a whole feel about it. In my work I work with the importance of the alignment with divine will. The lower towards 1 it is from: 1 – 100 the less you are in the way to being of service to this higher purpose. It’s not that higher or lower is better or worse but more about the purpose of service for humanity as a whole and whether your actions are in alignment with that.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini

For 40 days Venus will be retrograding (going backwards or in detriment) from the 13th May until the 25th June in Gemini 2020. This 40-days is significant as many traditions and religions use 40. It relates to the word “Quarantine” which comes from the old Italian word “Quarantena” meaning 40 days. Pretty significant with our current life situation with the world in quarantine. Venus rules over; love, money, possessions, personal values, relationships and feelings. Gemini represents the dual sign and duality and all its flavours. An example of this is the masculine and feminine within all of us. The polarities will be tested in these times to see what’s in balance and what needs re-examining. Opportunities over these 40 days can offer us a more objective and integrated approach to our feelings. The possibility to feel more than one emotion even if they are totally opposite. Venus retrograde brings back unfinished business to the surface, past lovers, old friends, supressed emotions, or repeating patterns when relating with another. Writing unfinished business is easy… Trying to put it to bed is another thing… if it was easy you would have done it the first time around. Venus retrograde helps to bring clarity to the surface. A great time to move though some old sticking points.

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