Protecting Your Family and Home

In 1984 I signed for Aston Villa FC, a national corporate PLC based in England UK. I signed forms as a school boy with the intention to become a professional footballer. A year later the representative who signed me for Aston Villa preyed on me as a vulnerable young boy. I worshiped the ground he walked on. His name was Ted Langford, the Chief scout at Aston Villa. He abused me three times over the course of 9 months leaving me feeling shocked, in disbelief and confused with how to deal with the whole situation. I didn’t tell anyone who was an adult until I was on a football tour in Sweden to FC Trelleborg and decided to talk with an adult who was one of the team mangers during the drive home. Ted was in charge of the tour in Sweden. I never had anything to do with the club after their representatives came to my home a couple of days after I spoke out. I wanted to press charges against the club via the police but all the adults in my life were completely against this as an action. Representatives of the club who visited my house to influence my parents’ literally just swept the whole process under the carper. To my horror, as a powerful young man at 15 I felt completely disempowered. This was an extremely important crossroads for me, as it shaped my relationship to authority in a way that was tarnished by the exploitation of one man’s behavior. The worst part for me was the fact that Aston Villa were unwilling to take full responsibility for what happened. The responsibility of the elder in any institution is to protect and take care of the boundaries for health and wholeness to flourish, particularly so generations that follow can be shown how to lead. Narcissism is rife at the top of high-level businesses with power-hungry alpha males who are more invested in personal self-interest and climbing the career ladder, rather than face the truth and stand for what is right.


Wave of Chaos

As we step into 2020 into this wave of creative chaos, I reflect within myself how I see the same actions taking place within the family we call the human race. I am concerned with the truth being spoken by the leaders of our world similar to those leaders who were running the football club I played for. I don’t feel they are telling us all the facts and working from a place of transparency.  Our safety is paramount to the human race’s existence. Humans are emotionally intelligent beings, my question to the powers of the world who are making the choices for our future generations is; how can we collectively continue to grow and flourish country by country and as a whole?  I will highlight some points more about this later.


Court Action And Resolution ~ Emotionally Costly Affair

In November 2017 I started court action again Aston Villa FC. The process was the unpicking of what happened to me as a young boy in the courts which with hindsight I can only say is another game being played out from an old paradigm which is the blame game rather than resolution.  3 years later on the 24th December 2019, I was informed by email I had won my court case against Aston Villa and they would pay me off, a small sum of money to keep me quiet and leave them alone.  That was the last I heard from my lawyer or Aston Villa. I had to go through this horrendous ordeal for my own sake to take back my power fully and to know that at any given moment we are always in the place to take full and complete responsibility for our actions if we wish to come from our adult self of being whole. Everything has consequences.  This was and is still the toughest thing I have done in my life to take on the machine that is a cooperate PLC. I have no shame in telling you that what I did took me from being a boy who was ashamed and lost, into a man being fully in my masculine and steadfast in standing up for myself and those who need to be protected. 4 men followed me into the courts, and as we speak, another 5 are also pursuing Aston Villa for the same crimes against boys acted out over a 25-year history. There is much evidence to state that most men who are abused as boys don’t speak out for up to 27 years after the abuse took place. I’m glad it didn’t take me as long as this. I totally forgive Ted for what he did. What was shocking was the way in which the powers of a PLC dealt with it.  The lack of empathy and acceptance was devastatingly shocking.  This wasn’t just happening to me.  This was happening across hundreds of football clubs throughout the whole of the UK. I am afraid to say, this is how I see the patriarchy has shaped and directed us. The male domination over hundreds of years has led us to the dark place where we are right now in 2020.


Protection And Our Faith And Commitment To Stand For Truth

Protection for those who need it is essential in today’s world. As we step into the unchartered waters of financial collapse on a global scale for the first time in history. I also wish to point out for the first time in human history group congregations of all faiths have been halted.  I wish to state for the first time, the uprising of the people’s voices and coming together for collective prayer, worship, a place of solidarity, a place of humbleness as humans, to ask for help and to receive love and support from a higher power has also been stopped in its tracks.  I am devastated at the amount of people dying currently, but I’m also shocked by the impact this global shut down is having on the voice of the people. Our time will however come as a collective for the voice of the people. It’s most certainly time to go in and breathe into our collective consciousness for the greater good. To draw on what would be the “Paragon of Virtue” as we move forwards through these unchartered waters. I am praying that something good is going to come out of this process we are currently faced with systemically and globally.


The Land We Live On Is Our Temple Of Love And Support

In 2007 I bought 8 acres of land in Mexico. I was visiting my dear friend, teacher and colleague, master of breathwork Dan Brule. After a month working together, he was very determined to get me to become part of, an organization for self-sustainability and personal development. Eventually Dan gave up but took me to the neighboring piece of land where I was drawn to it’s nature and vastness, next to the Biosphere. What also was drawing me was the fact the land had never been lived on before, no power lines, cables, or electromagnetic fields of any kind. I lived there building “Freedom Retreats” as I named it a holistic retreat center where people came and lived and transformed. It was an amazing process that taught me so much. I felt completely held by the land, supported and protected. I returned to the west to retrain but for up to three years living so close to nature and without Electromagnetic interference I was so empowered. I will always be grateful to my time in Mexico as a new foundation.



In 2012 while living in central London I got really sick over one and half years. I tried everything to fix myself but I was unable to do so. Eventually I got in contact with a lady called Debbie Rye. She worked with Geopathic Stress, Electro Magnetic Stress, dark energies, entities etc. I really had no idea what I was getting into but after 1 and ½ years of insomnia I was willing to try anything. Debbie cleared my flat. The truth was my house was extremely sick. In a block with 80 other flats, the energy was literally sucking the life out of me. I went on to work with Debbie for the following 8 years and trained with her. I am indebted to her and her work and love to support others.


Distant Dowsing, Clearing Homes and Protecting Families

My work now is very much concerned with the health and protection of families within their homes. As we move into the most advanced and amazing technological age we have ever known to man, this also is going to have huge ramifications for the future of our humanity. The technology of 5G is ten times more powerful that 4G. The infrastructure for 5G is being rolled out globally during the Coronavirus lockdown.  I will repeat: it is being rolled out globally as I type this in my MacBook Air. (Brussels and Switzerland have both just banned 5G implementation while typing this). That’s how essential 5G is viewed by the powers that be that 5G workers are classed as key workers for our humanity’s protection. I’m sure I won’t be the only one who would benefit from the amazing speeds 5G will bring as well as the technology of “internet of all things” and not so far behind this the “global vaccination” with a “chip tracking device to track our every move” and “AI” artificial Intelligence overseeing the whole process, and finally the global financial system with “one currency”. This is where we are going as humans. With the 1% of the 1% of the world’s powerhouses implementing the process through governments working as the enforcers. I will leave it to your imagination where that leaves the average Jo in all this...


Protection and Boundaries

My work now is very much about protection and providing loving support with strong boundaries in place. I work from a distance and clear houses of Electro Magnetic stress which includes radiation. Geo Pathic stress, Geo Psychic stress and everything that’s working on the unseen level.  This is my work. What I haven’t mentioned yet is the frequency at which 5G is entering our atmosphere is just below the frequency of a deadly weapon for the output of toxins, and as a result of its extremely high radiation output it is going to cause severe if not unrivaled damage to the living specious of our animals and our human race.  I am in a place to support humans and animals from this devastating impact. My work protects against the out-put of 5G becoming invasive into your house, home or office. Once I’ve done the healing on the property/land or home the protection is locked in place.  I work similar to two phones in communication. For example, the (first phone) is in India and the other is in the USA, New York. The only difference is I use a pendulum (a tool to communicate across space and time) to tune in with the address which represents the (second phone) and all the people and animals’ names that live in the place I’m clearing. Then I can do my clearing and protection work. I work predominantly with Angels to do the healing work. 5G causes an excretion in the body that makes people sick, similar to that of flu.  The radiation of 5G is so potent that it has devastating consequences moving forwards. It is not in my power to stop 5G technology or to even oppose it. However, I can offer you the knowledge that you will be protected in your home from 5G radiation and all other Electro Magnetic stresses.


Joy and Being Grateful For What We Have

Moving forward, I feel as happy and healthy as I have done in a long time. I know I am in the minority with this stance at this time. I feel very grateful for my life as it is. I have spent the past four years without a home, rebuilding my life.  For a life that is better for myself and for those that work with me and trust me. It’s time to give our attention and intention for the things we have in our life and make the best of them. It’s time to go inwards.


I’m currently living in India, in a house that was built 4 years ago. Before this it was farm land. I’m in Goa, Arambol. 5G and other radiation technology has not yet been rolled out here.


Sharing Support ~ Being in Wholeness

I have some daily processes that support me in this.  Every day I clean my flat in some way. I clean my body internally and externally.  I feed my body healthy nourishing food and do yoga. I try to limit my use of internet to 3 hours per day. I do breathwork for at least 30 minutes and dance for 20 minutes every day.  I chant for 1hr 30 minutes, this being a form of praying.  I work with my Higher-Self daily to receive love and support, you may call this accessing the support of god.  I talk to at least one friend a day if not more. I spend time in the forest opposite where I live. I know this sound a lot. But this is the level of self-awareness that is required in today’s process of self-revelation and the self-isolation that’s forcing us closer to internal self-mastery. That’s the challenge I see we are facing. If you feel this blog post on my website is supportive for you or your friends then you are welcome to share it accordingly.


Reaching Out

My work continues and as my global reach is increased by the power of the internet, I am extremely grateful for the technology we live in today.  It’s our relationship to this technology that requires our deeper understanding of its implications long term for our species. Understanding how we can create a more supportive and caring global family comes from a loving place for all things and not from a love of power and control.


Power to Love

I am here with a mission to support our humanity's existence on it’s transition from “The love of Power,” the archetypes of the alpha and the self-obsessed narcissist,  towards the “Power to love,” the path of the empath, who cares for the impact on our global family from a deep place of love.


Distant Dowsing for Health and Healing for Your Family & Home

If you wish to know more about my work please select the link below for Distant Dowsing. I suggest you read the whole page twice as there is a lot to take in. Getting your home cleared and family protected for the challenging times ahead…is the greatest gift I offer.


With love on this path we call Life…


Best wishes,




Neil Brian Kynaston

April 4th 2020.


444 portal which is known for the telling of truths.

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  1. Congrats on your journey mate overcoming demons of the past as old team ⚽️ 30 plus years ago there light at the end of tunnel ❤

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